Shannon Metcalf Realty is about building trusted relationships and staying true to the core values we believe in. Our philosophy is quite simple; customers always come first. When you decide on a Realtor to handle your business, would you prefer them to just sell you one house and never deal with them again, or have one that will consult with you throughout the years, keep you informed on the perfect time to buy, sell or about great investments that make you a lot money? Our goal is to create wealth for our clients in Real Estate throughout their life and be the agent of choice without question.

Shannon became a Realtor in 2008, and her background consisted of 20+ years of business operations management in the customer service industry. Her desire to be in Real Estate and help others did not let the poor economy and housing market at the time affect her success. It actually empowered her to be a "different from the status quo" Realtor, and enabled her to show her strengths when faced with challenges. Shannon truly cares about people. The values she stands for, and her ability to connect well with others, has built a strong foundation of loyal customers that compliment her with repeating business, and through referrals of their friends and family.